About OutsideFM Online Radio

OutsideFM is different because we are reflecting the time in radio where a real live person, a passionate and knowledgeable On Air Personality, actually chooses the songs they want to share with their listeners, followed by further discussions on the artist or the song, educating you on the music you’re hearing.

It takes much, much more effort to bring you music in this format but we refuse to have it any other way. Years in the making, OutsideFM online radio is delivering the best blend of rock and the people to pass along the stories behind the music.

Then, we make it super easy for you to discover and enjoy the best music in the history of Rock! On-the-go, at home or at work, our exclusive events & unique music variety are only a click away, delivering world-class programming to your car, desktop, mobile and smart devices.

Unshackled by the many constraints of FM radio, OutsideFM gives each listener a refreshing new format, breadth and variety of music currently not heard anywhere else on terrestrial or online radio!