Debbi Calton Inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame

Oh what a night November 17, 2023 was a for Outside FM’s Debbi Calton! The longtime popular Philadelphia radio air personality was honored by the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia by being inducted into their Hall of Fame. She now joins the ranks of the very best in the long history of Philadelphia media.

This honor is well deserved. Debbi Calton is one of the best communicators of all time. But it didn’t happen overnight.

In her early days at Guilford College, Debbi fell in love with the idea of music and radio as a career. When given the opportunity to be on the air while still in college, she took the job, and a fantastic career was born.

That career took a winding path through Charlotte, Tampa, Orlando, Denver, and Chicago before making her mark in Philadelphia. First stop was WYSP for some nine years, but it was during her 27 years at WMGK that the name Debbi Calton became legendary.

During those 27 years Debbi’s ability to relate to her audience through her upbeat, sparkling personality and knowledge of the music, led her to become the top-rated midday personality in the market. She was truly the Queen of Philadelphia midday radio.

Outside FM’s Randy Kotz put it best by saying Debbi became popular by “just being Debbi”. What you hear is what you get. She’s real and the people get it. And she has put her popularity to good use by helping many local causes.

Many of the Outside FM staff were there to honor Debbi. All of us here at Outside FM are proud and feel privileged to be able to know and work with Debbi Calton. She’s a true Hall of Famer in every regard.

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