About Randy Kotz

Randy Kotz is an award-winning broadcaster who has been rocking his way through Philadelphia for the last 40 years. No progressive rock tour is complete without stints at legendary stations WMMR and WYSP, especially in the late seventies and eighties when they were #1 in the country. One of the architects of FM radio in Philadelphia, Randy was an on-air host, at WMMR, WYSP and STAR 104.5 and an on-air host, Assistant Program Director and Music Director in Allentown at WLEV. Randy is excited to join OutsideFM and get back to what initially drew him to radio. The music. Join Randy for an unscripted, handpicked and thoughtfully curated musical journey. You’ll love his warm, friendly, conversational voice and seamless blending of classic rock and new music. It’s like hanging out in a friend’s living room listening to great tunes from the entire rock era.

Listen to Randy Kotz every Sunday at 11am on OutsideFM!