About T. Morgan

Since first being on the air at age 15 on WICK in Scranton, PA, T. Morgan has worked on air at WYSP Philadelphia, WWSW-AM/ WPEZ-FM Pittsburgh (Station Manager), WMMR Philadelphia (Program Director/air personality), WIBG Philadelphia (Program Director/air personality), WDAS-FM (Program Director,/Music director/air personality), WIFI-FM Philadelphia (Music Director/air personality) and WMGK Philadelphia (Air personality). In August of 1967, T. Morgan launched Philadelphia’s first album oriented station at WIFI-FM. In all but the WWSW/WPEZ stints he also served as an on air talent in the Philadelphia area. During the over 40 years of broadcasting, T. Morgan has won numerous awards for the management and on air skills as well as his creative use of radio. For more information on T, visit http://www.tmorganonline.com.

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